Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
50 125 1874 1957 1967 2015 2016 2017 125th 125th anniversary a midsummer night's dream acapella accelerator acting activities ado adventure alum alumni alumni awards alumni awards reception alumni center anniversary arts astronaut award awards awards reception balcony blonde bonfire building business bust campus celebration ceremony chapel chauncey chauncey rose chauncey rose society check chef chef jeff city class of 1957 class of 2019 club coach collins comedy commander commencement commissioning competition concert connect conwell cook cooking cookout cookout on the quad copper bar corporate county fair cultural culture dan price dance dedication demo demonstration design dick osburn dinner diversity diversity connect donation drama drama club dream dress rehearsal eileen eli engineers engineers in concert event experience faculty faculty dining room fair fdr female fenn field fireworks first quarter first year first year quarter success food football freddie freshman friday fun g.o.l.d. gala game games gold gold party golden golden gala golf graduation grill group guest hall hatfield hatfield hall henderson heritage heritage society herman herman moench hire hmu homecoming honors and awards horrors hulman hulman links immersion in jacket jackets janice jeff judge kahn kahn room kickoff lake lake room late night learning legally legally blonde legally blonde the musical lilly links lunch luncheon m137 malcolm marathon marshall masters midsummer mixer moench moench bust move move in movein much ado about nothing music musical mutchner myers mystery event nasa nsbe of ohio on orientation osburn osu outdoor outing parking lot partners pep pep rally perform performance performing performing arts piano play presentation president production professor quad rally ravel reception rehearsal retiree reunion reunions rhit robert room root quad rose rosehulman rotc saturday senior senior celebration seniors servant servant of two masters service service awards shakespeare shop shuttle shuttle commander sing singing society speaker src stadium staff stage state statue strayhorn student student production students success team tent tent city terre haute terrell the importance of being earnest theater theatre two union university unveiling violin west side story white white chapel wilkins
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